Gillis Kersting

As a dedicated historian and journalist Gillis Kersting rarely takes a day off. His historical expertise is requested by authors and research institutes alike. At the same time he covers popular journals with historical stories for educational entertainment. Typically these articles deal with military history, medieval warfare and socialist revolutions. 

Throughout his investigation of the dark side of man, Gillis also commits himself to stories of more peaceable nature. For Dif Web, an online magazine reporting on creative solutions to Earth’s problems, he takes a closer look at bright ideas. Scientists, innovators and politicians concerned with Earth’s wellbeing are offered a stage in Gillis’s articles on sustainable projects. Focus is on creative thinking, bent on immediate action. The same characteristics are to be found in Gillis’s intellectual armory.

Paying attention to detail, taking a critical stand and looking for deeper knowledge Gillis distinguishes himself from fellow researchers. Thanks to his study of history, journalism courses and work at the newspaper – not to mention his travels to occasionally obscure places – Gillis developed a set of skills essential for historical research. He is adept at finding lost documents and looks behind the words to find the profound meaning of texts. He does so in several languages. Partly because of his interest in WW II’s Eastern Front Gillis obtained a professional proficiency in Russian and German. Having spent some time in the Mediterranean world he couldn’t help mastering Latin languages along the way.

Please feel free to contact Gillis and discuss further possibilities.